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Excelerai helps Companies Secure their Websites with SSL Installation & Management

We are urgently recommending to our clients that we migrate them from HTTP to HTTPS, a secure communication protocol that is now being enforced by GOOGLE.  It is very important for SEO and for visibility on the web.  Effective July 1st, Google will be blocking access to sites that are not secure.  See the article below that explains the issue and then the proposal below to make the transition.

ARTICLE:  Google began sending out notices to site owners this month, reminding those who haven’t yet migrated from HTTP to HTTPS that their sites will be marked “NOT SECURE.”

The warnings are directed to owners of HTTP pages that contain forms, specifically, sites that include text input fields like <input type=”text”> or <input type=”email”>.

The messages reiterate the fact that with version 62 of the company’s Chrome browser, Google will require websites with any kind of text input to have an SSL certificate. That is if site owners don’t want their visitors to see the “NOT SECURE” warning pop up in their browser’s omnibox.  Read Article

This walks you through the steps that our team will take to implement this important change on your website:

a) Site Backup

  • Run a fresh backup of your site

b) SSL Certificate

  • Purchase the SSL certificate on your behalf

c) Project Kick-off:

  • Install the SSL certificate on your site;
  • Install two plugins on your site (Really Simple SSL, Insecure Content Fixer);
  • Configure the SSL certificate for your site;
  • Configure each plugin for your site;
  • Test the SSL and plugins;
  • Run final backup after testing is complete.

d) Complete project

  • Communicate with the client that the work is complete.

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